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What are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment which may help restore your bright smile. It may be performed by your dentist or dental therapist.

At The White Bite, we offer Philips Zoom! In-Chair Teeth Whitening to help our patients white their teeth.

There are many benefits of professional teeth whitening. For this reason, our team has outlined what you might expect during a whitening procedure and some of the benefits you may receive.

What causes discolouration in teeth?

There are many possible reasons why your teeth become stained or discoloured. Therefore, it is important to identify what the cause is before we attempt to resolve it.

Extrinsic discolourations such as coffee staining may be reliably resolved. On the other hand, staining that may be caused by the consumption of certain antibiotics may be harder to remove. External discolourations are often related to daily habits such as:

  • Regular tea/coffee consumption
  • Smoking
  • Regular alcohol consumption

Am I a suitable candidate for teeth whitening?

We strongly recommend that you seek an opinion from a dentist before carrying out teeth whitening so they can identify anything that we need to be mindful of such as:

  • Decay
  • Existing fillings
  • Developmental discolourations
  • Existing wear
  • General sensitivity

How does teeth whitening work?

Once your dentist has assessed that you are a suitable candidate for whitening, you can begin your treatment.

Firstly, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to create your set of take-home trays which can be used to whiten your teeth again in the future.

Furthermore, they can also assist in managing any sensitivity you may experience.

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Following this, your dentist will place materials such as a gauze and cotton in your mouth to provide a protective seal. This helps to ensure that the highly concentrated whitening gel does not cause any irritation to your gums. Once the whitening gel is applied to your teeth, it is then activated by an LED light which starts the whitening process.

Moreover, this is process is repeated in three to four 15-minute cycles.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

If you are looking to restore your beautiful smile, there are many benefits that a professional teeth whitening procedure may provide you.

Some people may choose to undergo a teeth whitening treatment as it is:

1. Safe

Unlike DIY take-home kits or whitening done in beauty salons, professional whitening is done under the supervision of a qualified dental professional. Your dentist has an understanding of:

  • How the process works
  • What sort of result you can expect
  • The risks involved

Moreover, it is not uncommon for patients to visit a dental practice with different levels of chemical burns. This might be due to having their treatment completed somewhere else where no protective precautions were not taken.

For this reason, your dentist will be beside you during your treatment should any issues or sensitivity occur.

2. Effective in helping you get your bright smile

At the White Bite, we use Philips Zoom In-Chair whitening technology which has been shown to whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades. However, it may take one or two weeks for results to appear.

If you are looking to gain a confident, white smile this may be the treatment for you.

3. Time efficient

Dentists are permitted to use a stronger whitening gel than take-home kits. Therefore, professional whitening with your dentist may be a more efficient treatment option. Depending on your case, your treatment could take around 60 minutes to complete rather than the daily use of a whitening kit.

4. May help to kill bacteria

You may improve the aesthetic look of your smile, but you may also experience some health benefits. Through undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, you may also help eliminate some of the harmful bacteria on your teeth which may cause gum disease or tooth decay.

Take-home teeth whitening kit at The White Bite

For those who regularly experience sensitivity, in-chair whitening may not be the best option for you. Therefore, less aggressive methods such as a customised take-home kit may be a safer option.

Teeth whitening also has limitations in how white it can make your teeth. Unfortunately, social media has led many people to believe you can get unrealistically white teeth when in reality you may require something like porcelain or composite veneers to achieve the shade you desire.

Professional teeth whitening Gold Coast

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