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Hidden Sugar in Food

Dental Health Week 2020 is now upon us and this year we have decided to highlight everyday products which contain hidden sugar. There are some products you may not be aware of and some you may choose to turn a blind eye to as you cannot live without them!

About Dental Health Week 2020

Dental health week is one of our favourite times of the year as we get the chance to bring awareness to the importance of oral health.

In addition, the campaign is run by the Australian Dental Association to bring awareness to all Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

This year, the campaign will run from Monday August 3 until Sunday August 9.

Foods with hidden sugar

For your convenience, we have outlined 4 common consumable products that may contain a bit more sugar than you may think.

These foods include:


Honey is a natural and relatively healthy syrup we consume in our coffee, cereal, and other everyday products. However, it does possess a fair bit of sugar which makes up 75% of its contents per 100 grams.

The percentage is made up of ingredients such glucose and fructose which together forms sucrose. Essentially, sucrose is naturally found within fruit and vegetables.

Muesli Bars

Muesli bars are a great snack for lunch, breakfast or as desired. However, research suggests most muesli bars are highly processed which may be refined enough to contain added levels of sugar.

Furthermore, whole grain muesli bars contained the lowest amount of sugar levels.


The amount of sugar you consume with cereal is generally based on how much your serving size is. According to healthy food guide there are a few surprises in some of our popular cereal choice. These include:

  • Weet-Bix (1 gram per 2 bricks)
  • Nutri-Grain (12.8 grams per cup)
  • Uncle Toby’s oats quick cup (12.5 grams per cup)
  • Coco pops (16.4 grams per cup)

Furthermore, sugar can be found in added ingredients such as:

  • Dried fruit
  • Syrups such as honey
  • Table sugar

For this reason, you should check the nutrition label if you are watching how much sugar you consume. You should consult with your doctor or health professional if you are unsure about how much you should be having. Generally, the average daily sugar intake is around 24 grams.

‘No added sugar’ products

One of the unusual claims about products is that some claim to have no added sugar. Some products may replace sugar with natural sugar ingredients such as fruit juices or purees which are used to sweeten smoothies.

In the end, you are still consuming sugar so you may be better off sourcing your own natural ingredients and making a smoothie from scratch at home.

A tip from us is to source unsweetened products so you can easily add a natural sweetener afterwards if it does not sit right with your taste buds!

Sugar related oral issues

There are several issues that may be related to the over consumption of sugar. These include:

How to maintain your oral health

Brush and floss

If you frequently consume sugary food or drinks, you need to make sure you are cleaning your teeth daily to avoid an oral issue.

From a dentist’s perspective, you should brush and floss your teeth twice a day or after a meal. By doing this, you will be able to maintain your oral hygiene and prevent bacteria and plaque build up within your mouth.

Regular dental check-up

By visiting your dentist for a regular check-up, he or she can spot any issues that may arise. At The White Bite, we offer check-up and cleans which should be conducted every six months to maintain your oral health.

Our check-up and cleans include:

  • X-ray
  • Scale
  • Fluoride

Book an appointment

For more information about Dental Week 2020, head over to the Australian Dental Association’s website. Here you will be able to find more information and tips on how to maintain your oral health.

If you would like to see one of our friendly dentists to assess your oral health contact our practice today. Alternatively, you can complete a free online assessment, 24/7.